25live is where you can reserve study/meeting rooms in the Schmidt Library, reserve computer labs, campus classrooms, event spaces, etc. 25live also holds detailed information about each classroom and lab on campus. This includes exact times of reservations and class times, number of seats, and details on the type of technology for each Smart Classroom.

Faculty and staff can additionally reserve a computer lab for the entirety of a semester for a class, by contacting the Registrar: 717-815-1273.

Express scheduling

  • Under Express Scheduling Event

    • Select your Date and Time.

    • Select Available Express Locations to see which rooms are free for immediate reservation.

    • Name your event.

    • Select Save.

  • If your event is saved successfully, you'll receive a pop up message.

    • Select the reference number to see your event details.

Find available locations for reservation

  • Select See Available Locations

  • Search for your preferred location.

    • Or select a category from the Select Existing Search button.

  • Select the Checking Availability date and time to change them.

  • Next to your preferred location, select Reserve It.

    • Some may instead say Request It.

      • After our review, you'll receive a follow-up approval or denial.

  • Follow the final prompts, then select Save.

    • Or, select Open Event Wizard for a self-guided list of additional options.

      • Including Event Repeats.

        • For if you need the same location for the same time on multiple days.

Available spaces

For a faster way to see what's free before visiting a spot on campus, we offer a list of buildings showing which rooms are reserved.

Find available spaces.


Here are each of our reservable locations, with user and time limits.

Library Study/Meeting Rooms - all YCP - 4 hours

Reservable by all YCP members for up to four hours.

  • LIBRY 18

    • Closed
  • LIBRY 30

    • Closed
  • LIBRY 110

    • Closed
  • LIBRY 112 - One Button Studio

    • By Reservation Only
  • LIBRY 207

    • Closed
  • LIBRY 209

    • Closed
  • LIBRY 212

    • Closed
  • LIBRY 215

    • Closed

Computer Labs - faculty & staff - 4 hours

Reservable by faculty and staff for up to four hours.

  • DHL 117

  • HUM 15

  • WPAC 184

  • WPAC 185

  • WPAC 186

  • WPAC 187

Grumbacher Center - faculty & staff - 6 hours

Reservable by faculty and staff for up to six hours.

  • GC 154 - Team Room

  • GC 240 - Classroom

Adjunct Faculty Offices - faculty - 8 hours

Reservable by faculty for up to eight hours.

  • CH 304A - Cubicle A

  • CH 304B - Cubicle B

  • CH 304C - Cubicle C

  • CH 304D - Cubicle D

  • CH 304E - Cubicle E