Your student account will be transitioned to an alumni account 60 days after graduation.

You will retain your MyYCP access. This will include YCPweb and your YCP Google Account (Gmail, Drive, etc.).

Before you leave campus...

All files that you've saved to campus computers or on your Home (H:) drive will be permanently deleted.

To retain any of these files, please transfer them to your personal drives such as a USB or personal Google Drive prior to Graduation.

Enroll in our password change system, if you haven't already, so you can easily access your account in the future.

Please visit, set up your security questions, and select Change/Update Password.

Return any checked out books to the Library.

Failure to return a book after your graduation will result in a hold being placed on your account that will prevent the release of your final transcript.

Alumni and Employment at York College

Alumni who return to York College to work, will have their network account transitioned from the alumni status to the appropriate account type based on position (faculty or staff). Any access that employee needs for the position will be added the the account. However, as noted in the Account Management Policy, at the end of the employment term the employee will lose access to the account. the account will not be transitioned back to alumni status. (Exception for Retired Faculty)