Guest Account

Guest Accounts:

Guest accounts allow for on-campus computer login to YCP member's sponsored guests. These accounts must be requested in advance of the guest arriving to campus. Two types of guest accounts exist, Short-term guest accounts and long-term guest accounts.

Short-term Guest Accounts

These accounts are needed for any time less than one year. They typically will allow for access onto college computers and will not have the permissions allowing for logging into MyYCP or posses a MyYCP email address. Short-term guests with personal devices that need internet access will need to follow the separate instructions for connecting to the York-guest

Long-term Guest Accounts

These accounts are needed for one year or longer. These accounts can be set up with more expanded permissions that include logging onto campus computers, MyYCP access, YCP email, Shared Areas and additional permissions.

Requesting a Guest Account:

The YCP member, who is sponsoring the guest, will need to contact us to request the creation of the guest account.

Once the account is created the YCP member sponsoring the guest will be contacted and informed that the account is available.

Guest Wireless Access:

Guests of York College can obtain internet access while on campus by connecting to the wireless network through the Guest Wifi Access process