Network Account

Sign in with your YCP username & password.

Your Network Account includes your username & password (MyID), which provide access to most YCP applications & computers.

We never send passwords by email, nor ask for them in any way. If this happens, please contact us. Never reply.



You'll be sent an account claim email about two weeks after you've registered & paid your deposit.


Please visit us in the Schmidt Library 48 hours after you've submitted all Human Resources paperwork.

SMS/Alternate Email

Password recovery options; please do this ASAP!
  • Sign into
  • Select the SMS/Alternate Email button.
    • Add your phone number & personal email address.
    • This allows you to recover your account when locked out in the future.
  • Select Save.
If you’re ever unable to access your account, but haven’t filled out your SMS/Alternate Email, then you will be required to either visit us personally in the Schmidt Library with a photo ID, or request a new password mailed to the address that we have on file.

Forgot Password

  • Visit
    • Select Forgot Password.
  • Enter your Username & ID Number.
    • Select Submit.
  • Select your preferred password reset method.
    • Select Submit.
    • A temporary password will be sent to the option you choose.
  • Use it to log into
    • Select CLICK HERE to change your password.
    • Follow the steps to make a new, unique password.
      • Enter it twice, then select Next.
    • On the success message, select Close.
  • Sign in with the password that you just created.

Lock Outs

After too many failed login attempts, your account will lock. Often, your devices, browsers, etc. may automatically sign you in, but if they've saved an expired password, then this will lock you out.

Your account will unlock in about 15 minutes, but please follow these steps quickly, to keep it from locking again.