Network Account

Network Accounts are used by students, faculty & staff to access most YCP applications.

Receiving a Network Account

Students: After completing the registration process and paying the deposit, every new student will receive a Network Account. This network account is generated in approximately two weeks following payment of the deposit. Once the account is generated an account claim email is sent to each student via the email used for communication during the application process.

Employees: After completing all paperwork with Human Resources, your Network Account will generate. This network account information is held at the LTS Help Desk, unless otherwise directed. Please stop by the LTS Help Desk to get your account and have a brief orientation.

We do not provide account information over email. If you do not receive your username and password following the two weeks from payment of the deposit, you must either call or stop by the LTS Help Desk.

Forgot Password?

Follow these steps to get into MyYCP if you have forgotten your York College password:

  • On, click Forgot Password
  • Click Reset Password - SMS/Alternate Email"
  • Enter your York College email address and ID Number
  • Select the preferred reset method (SMS text, email to YCP email address, or email to Alternate email)
      • Note: If you have not completed the setup of the SMS/Alternate Email in the MyID system only the YCP email address option will appear. If this email is linked to a smartphone it will allow you to complete password reset process. If this email is still inaccessible, contact us.
  • A temporary password will be sent to the option you choose.
  • Log into with this temporary password to be redirected to the MyID system to complete the reset password process.

Setup SMS/Alternate Email Option

Help your future self out by preparing now and follow these steps to setup SMS/Alternate Email recovery options:

  • Sign into
  • Click on the MyID icon
      • This looks like a padlock and will take you to the MyID Password system. You can instead go directly to
  • Sign into MyID with your Network Account username and password
  • Click the SMS/Alternate Email button at the top
  • Enter your cell phone number and/or your alternate email address
  • Click Save
      • Your settings have been saved and your future self will thank you

Avoid Lock Outs: Follow these instructions after changing your password

Network accounts will be locked out after too many failed attempts. This is typically caused by passwords being saved on devices or in browsers and then used after a password reset. If you get a lockout message then follow these steps below to make sure that your network account information is removed from all locations. The account will automatically unlock after 15 minutes, but if you are still locked after that time contact us.

  • Eduroam: Eduroam connection settings on personal devices will retain your Username and Password information. Forgetting the Eduroam connection on all personal devices will remove this information and prevent your account from being locked. Once it is forgotten, reconnect with the new password.
  • Clear Browser Cache and Saved Passwords: Sign out of MyYCP in all browsers used (Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). Clear Browser Cache and be sure to forget all passwords to prevent the old password from pulling into MyYCP.
  • If you use any 3rd Party Email Clients (Apple Mail, Outlook, etc.): Update the password in the client. Some are difficult to update the password so we suggest removing the account and adding it back to get the new password entered.
  • If you use a Password Manager (Ex. Last Pass): Update your password in that system.
  • If you use Apple and iCloud KeyChain: Clear or update your myYCP password in this system. It can be either on your MacBook locally, in your iOS passwords, or used through your iCloud account. You can reference this Apple Support article: