YCP student app

As a current student, the York College of PA app brings campus to your fingertips and enables you to connect with the York College of PA community: Stay on top of your events, classes, and assignments with the built-in calendar function, and get notified of important dates, deadlines & security announcements. Make friends, ask questions, and access campus resources at any time!

Install the YCP app

Post in the app

  • Open the YCP app.

  • At the bottom, select the Community icon (speech bubble).

Want to post as your department or organization?

  • In the upper left, select (Menu).

  • Select your name.

  • Under Use As, select an option.

    • Note: If you don't see what you expect, please contact us for help.

Create a post

  • Select What's on Your Mind?, then follow the prompts to add photos and/or write your post.

  • Select Post.

Comment on a post

  • Under an existing post, select Comment.

  • Follow the prompts to add a photo and/or Add a Comment.

  • Select the right arrow to post your comment.

Find other channels

  • In the upper left, select (Menu).

  • Follow the prompts.

Need more help?