QAM Check

To view channels via the physical cable or jack in your dorm room, your TV must be QAM compatible.

  • Check your TV's Owner's Manual for QAM
  • If you do not have a copy of your owner's manual, you can
    • Call your TV manufacturer to ask if your TV has a QAM tuner.
    • Or run a Google Search of your TV’s Make & Model # (this can usually be found on a sticker on the back of your TV)
      • Find & open the TV owner’s manual.
      • Hold Ctrl + F then search for ATSC or NTSC (This search should take you to a “Tuner” or “Antenna” section).
      • If there is no result, find another document that has a tuner section with one of those two search terms.
      • When you find them, look for QAM.
  • If QAM is listed, but you are still having issues, please scan again.
  • If QAM is not listed, you can
    • Click here to purchase the cable box that works on campus
    • Or stream XFINITY from your computer to your TV
      • Your computer can be connected to your TV via an HDMI cable (you may need adapter for your computer if it has no HDMI port) to stream content onto your TV. HDMI cables are available at the York College Bookstore.
        • Connect your laptop to your TV with an HDMI cable
        • Press the input button on your remote
        • Change the input to HDMI
          • If there are more than one, choose the one with the same label as the HDMI port on your TV