Campus Shuttle

We've teamed up with Student Senate & Campus Safety to provide a campus shuttle tracking system from Ride Systems.

Ride Systems Shuttle App

The Ride Systems App will allow you access to view estimated arrival times and a tracking map.

  • Download the App by searching "Ride Systems"
  • Search in the App for: York College of Pennsylvania
  • Select
    • "All" to view all routes
    • "Running" to view current routes
  • Each Stop is represented by a dot on the route. Select the dot to view the estimated arrival time.
Ride systems logo

Push Notifications feature of the Ride Systems App

When a push notification is sent, you will receive either a banner or badge notification. If you're out of the app, a banner containing the notification message will appear; if you're in the app, a badge will appear on the Menu button so you can tap and read the notification message.

In order to receive push notifications, you must enable the push notification categories in the app:

    1. Tap the Menu button.
    2. Tap Notifications.
    3. Scroll down to Push Notifications and tap the gear icon.
    4. Enable the desired notification categories.

Website View - Live Shuttle Tracker

For more information and shuttle schedules, check out the Campus Shuttle service page!


If you experience problems with the app you can submit feedback directly from the app when you experience a problem.

  • Select the Menu icon in the App
  • Select "Send Feedback"
  • Briefly describe the problem you are experiencing in the space provided.
  • Who to Contact: Select "Transit Provider"
  • How are you feeling: Select the option closest to your feeling
  • Click the Send message to submit.