We do what we can to keep you and your accounts secure. However, there's only so much within our control, so here's how you can protect yourself from cyber threats and attacks.

Make strong passwords

Using complex, frequently updated passwords is essential to defend yourself online. When was the last time you changed your YCP password?

Consider LastPass

Want a safe place to store your passwords? We use and suggest LastPass; it's user friendly, encrypted, works well across browsers and mobile apps, and generates custom, highly complex passwords in seconds.

Use multi-factor authentication

After you enter your password on a site, multi-factor authentication also buzzes your phone for your quick approval. This way, even if someone stole your password, they still can't get into your account.

Learn how to enable multi-factor authentication on LastPass.

Know how your data is used

Technology is evermore convenient, but do you know what info is being collected from you? Here's how to protect your data and privacy: Always On Privacy Basics

Don't fall for phishing

Please read our phishing article to stay safe.

Know the sender

Commonly, phishing emails impersonate someone you know (including a member of the YCP community), but originate from an unfamiliar, outside email address. Please pay very careful note of the sender, be skeptical purchase requests, and don't click any links that you aren't already expecting.

Look out for [EXTERNAL] email tags

Starting January 21, 2021 all incoming mail to YCP employees from outside of the domain will be marked with [EXTERNAL] in the email subject.

More info

My account was compromised

If you know that (or are unsure if) someone else has gotten into your account, change your password immediately. This will stop whoever is in there from being able to re-enter. Also, if you were using a similar password for any other accounts, change them fast too.

Then, contact us; we'll gladly answer your questions and help guide you through the next steps.

More info

For some additional tips, here's a useful National Cybersecurity Alliance article: Responding to Identity Theft, Fraud and Cybercrime

Employee security awareness training

We're bringing SANS Security Awareness training to York College employees. More information will be sent to your YCP email address.

2020 statistics¹

  • More than $3.5 billion was lost to cyber crime globally in 2019.

  • 7 million data records are compromised daily.

  • In 2019, there were more than 15 billion records exposed in data breaches.

  • There were 9.2 million suspicious emails reported in 2019.

  • Every 20 seconds there is a new phishing site that goes live.

  • 65% of users use the same password for multiple accounts.

  • The average cost of a data breach in the U.S. is $8.19 million.