Ethernet Connection

York College offers wired connections to the YCP network in all Residence Halls and in many locations across campus. However, we recommend that you provide your own 10’ "Cat 6" network cable. "Cat 6" is a particular type of network cable. (Connecting directly to a data jack offers a faster and a more stable connection for both computers and gaming devices than using our wireless network).

Imagine indicates Ethernet cable (on left) and Phone cable (on right)

Do you have the correct cable?

You will need a Cat 6 cable, NOT a telephone cable. Verify that you are using a Cat 6 cable as indicated. The connector has 8 Pins, and the cable itself is usually round, not flat like a telephone wire.

Image indicates where the data jack is located

Data Jack Location:

In certain Residence Halls the data jacks are located directly beside the desks, but there are some locations where the data jacks are further away. Plug the Cat 6 cable into your computer and then into the data jack in the wall.

    • D - Is for Data (Slightly larger Jack)
    • V - Is for Voice (telephone) -- DO NOT USE

If you are experiencing issues with your data jack

For issues such as:

    • No connection while connected
    • Data jack is pushed into wall
    • Data jack is physically broken

Contact us to schedule resolving the issue. You will need your data jack number, your residence hall, and contact information.