Fax: Send/Receive

Fax over IP (FOIP)

Fax Over IP, or commonly referred to as FOIP, is a centralized faxing solution for York College. FOIP allows students, faculty and staff to easily route faxes through their email inboxes. Which allows the York College to use less paper and toner, reduce purchase and maintenance costs of equipment and cuts down on energy consumption.

Note: FOIP is not a secure method of sending information to parties outside of York College and should not be used for sending sensitive information, such as credit card information, social security numbers, and health record information.

Sending a Fax via FOIP

FOIP requires that you attach the document you wish to fax to an email. In order to fax a printed document, first scan the document to your email. This can be accomplished at one of the scanning stations in the Library or a departmental workroom printer. LTS Help does recommend renaming the document as many of these scanning applications will create the file with an odd name. Once you have the document ready follow these steps to send the fax via FOIP.

  • Open your York College gmail account
  • Choose Compose
  • Attach the files to be sent (acceptable file types). If you are trying to fax a Google Doc, download the document first
  • In the To: line, type the fax number of the receiver. It is necessary to add the 9 before the outgoing number.
  • Any entry in the subject line and body of the email will be added automatically to the cover sheet.
  • Click Send

Receiving a Fax

Receiving a faxes requires that a individual's account be associated with a campus fax number. Department faxes are received by central employees in each department and forwarded to individuals as directed within their departments. Students needing to receive faxes should check with the Campus Activities Board.