Find a library resource

The Schmidt Library offers you a wide variety of physical resources (books, magazines, DVDs, and CDs) and digital resources (eBooks, online journals, and streaming media) from our collections. Here, we have guides to help you find what you want.

Tip: Once you find and use resources, here's how to cite your sources and add a bibliography in Google Docs.

Find a physical resource

Search our library's catalog of books, magazines, DVDs, and CDs.

Visit to see our faculty's publications.

Find it in our catalog

  • After searching above, you can Limit Search Results in the menu on the left.

    • Tip: If what you want isn't in the catalog, see the Can't find what you want? section of this article for more options.

  • When you find what you want, take note of the Shelf Number.

  • See the Pick it up in person section of this article for further instructions, or place a hold.

Place a hold

  • The Available line will tell you how many copies we have.

    • Note: 0 means it's currently checked out.

  • Select Place Hold, if you want it next.

  • Follow the prompt to log in with your YCP ID #, if you haven't already.

    • Tip: Your Pin is "changeme", if you haven't changed it.

  • Select Place Hold(s).

    • You'll be notified when it's available, then you may pick up your hold at the Schmidt Library.

Pick it up in person

  • Visit the Schmidt Library.

  • If you've already placed a hold, just meet us at the LTS Help Desk in the Library to request it.

  • If not, follow the shelf number to find what you want.

Follow the shelf number

  • Use the Find it in our catalog section, above, to find your book or item's Shelf Number.

  • Use our library map to help you find shelf locations.

  • Our shelves are labeled with the classifications they contain.

    • See the Browse by classification section, below, for details.

  • Bring the book or item to the LTS Help Desk to check out.

    • Tip: Visit us there, or contact us, if you need help.

Browse by classification

We organize our collections with the Library of Congress (LOC) Classification. Each resource has a unique call number (which includes its class, subclass, topic, and more).

  • Select Class list, below, to see all classes.

  • Find a subject, then take note of the letter beside it.

  • Visit the Schmidt Library, then use our library map to find the matching lettered shelves.

Narrow your search

  • Select a class from the Class list, below.

    • This will bring you to a list of its subclasses.

  • Select a subclass.

    • This will bring you to a list of its topics.

  • Find a topic, then take note of its topic number (the combination of letters and numbers beside the topic).

  • Visit the Schmidt Library, then use our library map to find the matching lettered shelves.

    • Follow the more specific labels, on our shelves and books, to find the matching topic number.

Find a digital resource

Search our eBooks, online journals, and streaming media.

Note: When searching from off campus, log in first to receive all results.

Find it in Summon

  • After searching above, you can limit search results in the Facets Menu on the left, or by selecting Advanced in the upper right.

    • For these options on smaller screens, you may have to select the Facets Menu (funnel symbol) in the upper left, or the Menu > Advanced in the upper right.

  • Under your desired result, select Full Text Online.

    • If that link isn't there, make sure that you're logged in.

    • If it still isn't there, then the full text is not available in Summon. Use the Find a physical resource section of this article to search our catalog for it, or the Can't find what you want? section for more options.

Email it to yourself or others & get its citation

  • To the right of your desired result, select Email this item ✉ (envelope).

  • Fill out the form

    • Send email to: Enter your email address (or that of anyone you wish).

    • Choose a Citation Format: Select the format needed for your research, paper, etc.

      • Note: Double check this citation for accuracy. Contact your professor to learn what they expect.

    • Message: Optional; enter any notes or reminders you also want in the email.

    • Follow any more prompts, then select Send.

See its sources or derivative works

If the sources or derivatives of a result are also available, then you'll see Cites and/or Cited by under your desired result.

  • To access the sources of your result, select Cites.

  • To access works for which your result is a source (derivatives), select Cited by.

Find reserves & e-reserves

Faculty often set aside resources (physical and digital) for students to use for their course.

Check out reserved items (students)

Physical reserves

  • Visit the Schmidt Library then request a reserve from the LTS Help Desk.

  • The item is due back in 2 hours and must stay in the library.


  • Visit

  • Select your course, then enter your password.

    • Note: This should have been given to you by your professor and is likely on your syllabus.

Place items on reserve (faculty)

Physical reserves*


* Personal items placed on reserve will be temporarily added into our catalog then removed at the end of the semester, unless they're placed on "indefinite" reserve.Notes
  • Schmidt Library owned items can not be placed on indefinite reserve.
  • Personal items placed on reserve are expected to be picked up by the end of December for the Fall semester, and end of May for the Spring semester. If they are not, they will be sent to your department via inter-departmental mail.

Archives & Special Collections

Peruse YCP and York's past photos, yearbooks, course catalogs, books, and more.

Can't find what you want?

We also loan and borrow materials between a vast collaboration of libraries. Search these options to see if it's available.

You can also request an archived periodical or suggest a title for our collection.

Or, if you need help finding anything at all, contact us.