York-Connect allow devices other than the typical laptop to connect to the internet, even if they do not have an internet browser to complete the registration process. Connection is a two step process and does require that you have access to a computer already working on York College's Eduroam network. If you do not currently have a device connected to the Eduroam network you can complete this entire process by using a computer located in one of York College's many computer labs and clusters, including the PAC Hall computer labs which are open 24/7 outside of the reserved class times.

Connect Your Device:

Connect the Device to the wireless:

  1. Navigate to the wireless settings on your device
  2. Connect to the SSID: york-connect
    • York-connect does not have a network key and your device will connect automatically. However, you will still need to complete the registration process to get internet access on the device.
  3. Determine if your device has an internet browser and proceed to the appropriate steps below

Your device does have an internet browser

Step 1:

  1. Open an internet browser and attempt to load a new webpage.
    • The device will be redirected to the guest registration captive portal:
  2. Select the option under "Connecting with another Device?

Step 2:

  1. The York Network Notice will display
  2. Select I Understand

Step 3:

  1. Enter your YCP Email address and Password
  2. Read the Terms of Use and check Accept
  3. Select Log in
    • A loading bar will appear while the device is transitioned and to receive internet access. (This can take several minutes to complete.)

Your device does not have an internet browser

Step 1:

  1. On a computer currently connected to the York College network:
  2. Navigate to: https://clearpass.ycp.edu
    • This application will require that you are signed into MyYCP. If you are not already signed into MyYCP you will be prompted to do so.
  3. Choose the Create Device option

Step 2:

  1. Choose the Create Device option
  2. Complete the registration fields in the following window
    1. Enter a Name for the device
    2. Enter a MAC Address. (format: XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX)
    3. Enable AirGroup if desired.
      • This option will allow you to share this device with your friends. Enter their email addresses in the field: Shared With
    4. Select the Create Device button
    5. Restart your the device you just registered to obtain internet access.
      • Note: If you do not obtain internet connection on the first attempt then turn off the device for 10 minutes and then test to connection again.

Resources to help find your device's MAC address.


Wireless Printers: Although York College's wireless network supports wireless connectivity and you can connect a personal printer to the wireless network, many users experience difficulty in connecting these devices. LTS Help recommends that have a cable that allows you to connect your computer directly to the printer. This will give you the ability to still print if the printer fails to connect wirelessly.

Sonos Speakers: Unfortunately, Sonos wireless speakers are not supported on the York College network.


After registering your Chromebook in Clearpass with the instructions above, these are the steps you should take to get your Chromebook connected.

  • Select the Wifi Icon on the bottom right corner
  • Select the Wifi menu in the new popup box
  • Select york-connect
  • When it connects, select the Wifi Icon again and select the Wifi icon in the new popup box again
  • Select york-connect again or hit the settings button that shows up in the bottom right corner
  • The menu should disappear a Chrome webpage should show up with the information about the Wifi you are on.
  • In the page with the wifi information, go down to hardware address and that is the MAC address of the Chromebook
  • Now finish up the process in the clearpass.ycp.edu and the Chromebook should be connected now.