York-devices allow devices other than the typical laptop to connect to the internet, even if they do not have an internet browser to complete the registration process. Connection is a two step process and does require that you have access to a computer already working on York College's network. If you do not currently have a device connected to the wireless network you can complete this entire process by using a computer located in one of York College's many computer labs and clusters, including the PAC Hall computer labs which are open 24/7 outside of the reserved class times.

To connect your device, click here.

To remove your device, click here.

Resources to help find your device's MAC address, click here.


Wireless Printers: Although York College's wireless network supports wireless connectivity and you can connect a personal printer to the wireless network, many users experience difficulty in connecting these devices. LTS Help recommends that have a cable that allows you to connect your computer directly to the printer. This will give you the ability to still print if the printer fails to connect wirelessly.

Sonos Speakers: Unfortunately, Sonos wireless speakers are not supported on the York College network.