Lab Reservations

25live manages all classroom and event spaces on campus. Requests can be put in for one or multiple instances. Follow the steps below to get started on requesting a computer lab or library student group rooms!

For Faculty: If you require a computer lab for the entirety of your class, please contact the Registrar's Office at 717-815-1273.

1. On the Home Page of MyYCP (, click on the 25Live icon .

2. Once you get to the homepage, you will see the Public Location Searches box. Click on Computer Labs-View/ Reserve (for IT Labs) or Music Studios-view/Reserve to go to the availability page.

3. When you click on Computer Labs- View/Reserve, it will take you to the Availability page where you can select the date you would like to reserve and see the empty time slots. You can also access this page by clicking on the locations tab and searching for the lab you would like to reserve.

There are two different options for availability viewing:

    • There is availability view, which shows you which times are vacant for a specific day.
    • There is also Calendar view, which allows you to choose a start and end date for your search. It pulls up a calendar for the lab, and shows all of the taken time slots.

Once you have selected your preferred lab and time slot, by clicking on the paper and pencil icon you will be brought to the Event Wizard. You can now make a reservation.

You will be prompted to log in with your YCP credentials once you click on the preferred time slot.

Indicates ability view

Availability View

Indicates calendar view

Calendar View

4. When you enter the event wizard, the first step is to title your event and enter in your department. Under Event type select Web Submission.

Under Primary Organization, search for your department and it will populate in the box.

If you are unable to find your department when you type it in, click Browse, Categories, and find your department or the closest match. When you have done that, click Next.

5. You will be brought to a page where it is asking whether or not your event has more than one occurrence. Do you need to reserve the lab and time slot for more than one day? You can repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or you can choose any dates with the Ad Hoc option. Keep in mind that repeating events must be in the same time slot. (For example, 8am-10am Monday and Wednesday in PAC 185 and PAC 184.) Select Yes or No, and then click the Next button

6. The next page allows you to select a day and time for your lab reservation. (If you are making a repeating reservation, this page is for the first date.) Request as much time as you need for your event.

Note: The setup/takedown section can be skipped.

7. If your event is repeating, it will give you repeating event options. Select which best fits your needs.

As a reminder, the Ad Hoc Repeats option will allow you to choose any date and any repeating events MUST be at within the same time slot.

Ad Hoc Repeats will give you a calendar to choose your dates. Underneath, repeat events will also allow you to cancel individual repeating events one at a time by clicking on the word Active on your occurrence list and changing it to Cancelled. Click Next when finished.

Indicates screen with choice to repeat event

8. You will be brought to the page where you select an event location. If you have already selected your lab in the beginning, you will see your preferred lab on the right side of the screen. If this applies to you, just click Next to move on. If not, type in the lab you’d like to reserve in the search box, and it will show you if it is free or not. If the room has another class in it at the same time, a red triangle with an exclamation point will show up next to the lab name. If it is free, a green check mark will show

If there is a conflict, on the right hand side of the screen, it will show you just what is conflicting with your reservation so you are able to plan accordingly. You will also find all of the necessary information about the lab such as the max capacity, and what kind of equipment and features the lab has. Please double check that you do not have two labs selected on the right if you do not NEED two labs. Click on the red 'X' on the upper right hand corner of that lab you want to deselect. Then click Next.

Indicates what a conflict looks like

9. The next screen allows you to type in optional comments and notes regarding your lab reservation. Type in your comments or if you don’t have any, click Next .

10. The final page is our policy page. We will do our best to approve your reservation, however, the events do not appear on the calendar until we approve them. So, there is a possibility that someone else reserved your lab before you, thus cancelling your reservation. Check I agree to show that you understand this, then click Save. After we consider your request, you’ll receive an email telling whether it was approved or denied. To cancel or change your reservation, please call us at 717-815-1559 or email us at