You can safely store, share and create unguessable passwords with LastPass. Bonus, it's free. There's also an app.

For extra features, YCP employees may contact us to request an Enterprise account.

Personal account features

  • Unlimited, secure personal password storage.

  • Secure notes.

  • Available on all devices.

Enterprise account features

  • Includes everything in Personal.

  • Authorized for storing password information for web sites you access for YCP business.

  • Allows employees to share password information for institutional accounts with other employees.

  • Allows the transfer of account information from an employee who has left to a current employee.

  • Ability for LTS administrators to support you if you forget your master password.

Multi-factor authentication

After you enter your password on a site, multi-factor authentication also buzzes your phone for your quick approval. This way, even if someone stole your password, they still wouldn't get into your account.

  • Visit

  • Sign into (or up for) your LastPass account.

  • Select your email address, in the top right.

  • Select Account Settings > Multifactor Options.

  • Select the pencil icon next to the authenticator app you would like to install on your mobile device.

    • We recommend the LastPass Authenticator.

  • Change the Enabled option to Yes.

  • Enter your LastPass Master Password to confirm.