Before you get started:

  • Checkout a Livescribe Pen from the Schmidt Library

  • Find a quiet location

  • Make sure you are using the special Echo paper or you will only be able to record audio

  • Have Fun!

Presented at a Teaching Academy Presentation, the Livescribe SmartPen is a ballpoint pen with an embedded computer and digital audio recorder. When used with Anoto digital paper, it records what it writes for later uploading to a computer, and synchronizes those notes with any audio it has recorded. Notes can be shared with students as interactive PDF files. This can be great for explaining a mathematical equation to your students without having to do a full video.

Operating System Supported

  • Available at the Schmidt Library. We will assist with creating the interactive PDF files when you are done recording.

Installed at YCP

  • Must be used with the YCP laptop associated with the Livescribe pen

Personal Computers

  • Mac and PC software can link to the SmartPen

Hardware Needed

  • SmartPen

Pedagogy Support

Ideas for using Livescribe for teaching and learning

  • Record a lecture from your office or home while taking notes and post to Moodle

  • Have students take turns being the note-taker using an instructor designated pen, then upload and embed the notes into Moodle after each class

  • Use during student consultations to capture notes about student projects and save for yourself and/or send to students

  • Use a Supplemental Instruction model where a student who knows the materials takes notes and uploads them or sends out an interactive PDF

  • Important concepts can be drawn out and narrated

  • Capture brainstorming sessions

  • Answer questions using Livescribe

  • During office hours, or if questions come in as email, answer the question once and share with all students at once to be used as needed

  • Students can use Livescribe when working with a tutor

  • Create innovative interactive learning stations

Getting started:

Figure 1

Press the power button to turn on the Echo (Figure 1).

Figure 2

Tap Record once, located at the bottom of every page. At this point, you can begin taking notes and talking as you write (Figure 2). The pen will record your audio along with your notes.

Figure 2

When finished recording, tap Stop (located next to the Record button) and turn off the Livescribe Echo.

If you need to take a break while recording your notes, tap the Pause button. When you are ready to continue recording, tap the Pause button again.

When you are finished using the Livescribe Echo, bring it back to the Schmidt Library. We'll download the file and email you the file(s) as an attachment. If you have any files that may contain sensitive information, make us aware, and steps can be taken to transfer these files to you in other ways.