the Livescribe Echo Smartpen is a ballpoint pen which, when used with Livescribe paper, records both what you write and the sound around you.

After you've taken your notes, you can connect the Smartpen to a computer to download an interactive PDF file. This contains all of your recorded written notes, synchronized with the audio recorded at the time you wrote them. It can then be shared via Canvas, Google apps, or elsewhere.

Suggested uses for YCP members

  • Remotely explain a mathematical equation to your class, without having to create a video.

  • Record a lecture from your office or home, while taking notes.

  • Have students take turns using the pen in relevant exercises, then share with the instructor or the class.

  • Use during your meetings with students to capture notes that you each can review later.

  • Record a tutoring session.

  • Narrate and illustrate during brainstorming meetings, either for everyone to keep or to later share with a broader audience.

  • Reply to questions in an interactive way.

Use the Livescribe Echo

You may borrow our Livescribe Smartpen from the Schmidt Library, though must provide your own Livescribe paper.