Microsoft Office 365

Free Office 365

Current YCP students and employees get Office 365 for free, with 5 installs to use on PCs and Macs.* If you already have an account, visit

Alumni do not retain access to Microsoft Office 365 or the Microsoft OneDrive. We recommend that graduating students back up any files on the OneDrive prior to your account transitioning to Alumni status.


  • Visit the Office 365 page.

  • Enter in your YCP email address and click Get Started.

  • Select student or teacher.

  • Fill out your account info.

    • Including the Verification code sent to your email.

    • Remember your Password for later.

    • Select Start.

  • If you don't wish to send invites, select Skip.

    • Close any popups.

  • Select Install Office > Office 365 apps.

    • Office 365 will start downloading.

  • Open the downloaded file.

    • Follow the steps in the installer.

  • When you first open Office, Sign in.

    • With your YCP email address & the Microsoft password that you just created.

Reset password


  • Visit

    • In the User ID, enter your YCP email address.

    • Follow the security prompt.

    • Select Next.

  • On the "We're sorry" page, select contact your administrator.

    • This will notify us to reset your Microsoft password.

    • Once we have, you'll receive an email to your YCP address with further instructions.

* Microsoft Teams is not enabled for the YCP Domain. You can download it, but not sign in with your YCP email.
Some Microsoft Office applications, such as Access, are not available on MacOS. You are welcome to remotely access campus computers to use missing apps.