Moodle : Importing Course Information

The Import feature is used to copy over specific items created in another course. You can copy from semester to semester or from section to section. Since importing makes copies of the originals, the course you are importing from is left unaffected.

The Import option is easy to use and the quickest way to "roll over" files, resources, assignments, and the gradebook to the next semester (just uncheck the items you do not want to come forward).

Course Information Migration

  1. Log into myYCP.
  2. Select the Moodle icon on the homepage of myYCP.
  3. Make sure you are in the empty course (the course you want to import into)
  4. Select the gear in the top right corner and choose Import (Figure 1)
Import Link

Figure 1

Course Import Example

Figure 2

5. On the Find a course to import data from: screen (Figure 2), you will see a list of courses that you are enrolled in as an instructor (by default Moodle only displays 10 courses, but by using the search box you can locate others if needed).

6. Select the radio button for the semester you wish to import, and then the Continue button (Figure 2).

Example of Include page

Figure 3

7. The Include page appears next. Deselect any items you DO NOT want to bring over into your new course. When you are finished, scroll to the bottom and select Next (Figure 3).

PLEASE UNCHECK Announcements or News Forum items under the General Section. All courses have an Announcements (Class News Forum) already. Importing does not being over old posts.

Figure 4

8. This last page is our review page. Scroll to the bottom and select Perform import (Figure 4). If you need to make changes you will have to return to the page before.

9. A progress bar will let you know that the import is in progress.

10. After a few moments, you will see the import confirmation page. Select the Continue button.

11. You will be brought back to your course page. Everything from your older course has now been moved over successfully.

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