Moodle : Making A Course Available

In order for your students to access a course you will need to first open it up or make it available. Until this is done students will not be able to see or access items in your course.

York College does not automatically make courses live. This is to allow faculty autonomy in how and when they bring their course live.

Edit Setting Option

Figure 1

Making the Course Available to Your Students

  1. Log into myYCP.
  2. Select the Moodle icon on the homepage of myYCP.
  3. Make sure you are in the empty course (the course you want to import into)
  4. Select the gear in the top right corner and choose Edit settings (Figure 1).
Course Visibility Option

Figure 2

5. Under the General, there are two options for making your course available for students (Figure 2).

6. Course Visibility needs to be set to Show for your students to access the course. Until the course is set to Show only you are able to access the course content (Figure 2).

7. Scroll down and select the Save and display button.

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