Moodle : Meta Course

Meta courses allow instructors to combine two Moodle classes together (i.e. Section .101 and Section .102 or a cross listed course) for easier management, rather than working with two separate class pages. Put simply, a meta course is a combination of other courses. These courses are linked together (Unlike in Blackboard, a new course is not created) and use one of the course shells to act as the master course. The original course as well as the combined course(s) appear when an instructor views their list of courses in Moodle.

Some faculty find it helpful to divide the gradebook up by sections using Groups (requires YCP Password). You will want to create a group in the master course before you start the process to create a meta course - See Video below for more on this concept.

  1. Log into myYCP.
  2. Select the Moodle icon on the homepage of myYCP.
  3. Pick the course you are going to make the default course for all sections (Please note this is the only class that will be brought live for the students. The rest of the sections will be left as Hidden. You will want to alert all sections of this change as there is no way to change the displayed name)
  4. Select the gear in the top right corner and choose More...(Figure 1)
More Gear

Figure 1

Figure 2

5. select the Users tab.

6. Select Enrollment methods.

7. Open the Add method drop down menu and choose the Course meta link option.

8. In the Link course box search for the course you want to add enrollments from (Figure 2).

    • Tip: Use course CRNs to filter through the list of courses.
    • Use the Add to group if you plan to make groups of students (i.e. Monday or Tuesday class, etc.)

9. When you have selected the appropriate course, select the Add method button.

Gradebook and Attendance

If you wish to have the option to look at your gradebook and attendance by section, but teach out of one course you will want to make sure you establish groups.

  • We suggest that in the main course you create a group before starting to add the Meta Courses.
  • You will create groups for the rest of the students as you create the Meta link (see step #8)
  • All that is left is to make sure in Edit Settings you have the Group Mode set to visible groups.

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