Moodle : Requesting a Non-Academic Course

It is possible for faculty and administration to request a non-academic course.


  1. Request the course using the webform A course will be added to your Moodle dashboard and you will receive a ticket update once your course has been created.
  2. Course enrollment is a manual process and is the responsibility of the requesting instructor. Once your course is loaded you can begin this process.
  3. Note:
    • No information will be pulled from Banner for these courses.
    • If non-YCP accounts will need to access the course, long-term guest account will need to be requested for this access.

Be Aware...

  • These courses cannot be used for academic courses.
  • These courses are unable to report official college grades.
  • The course owner will need to manually add all students to the course.
  • Courses can be requested for no more than a year at a time.
  • The course will be evaluated on a yearly basis to determine usage of the course.