Your Home Drive (H:) can also be accessed through the web using myFiles, which is found in myYCP. This web-based access allows for convenient uploading and downloading of files. The (H:) drive is the file storage for the York College campus that can be used to store documents, audio files, video clips, and more. York College provides this space to all faculty, staff, and students. The facdata drive is also available from within myFiles.

    • Faculty and Staff wishing to have other file shares available off campus can request the share be added to myFiles. Once requested, everyone who accesses the share will have this viewable through the myFiles utility.

If you are having issues with myFiles loading slowly please try a refresh or clearing your cache. If you still have issues, please contact us.

Creating and Editing Files

MyFiles now supports the ability to create new files no matter where you are. This feature allows you to put files on your H: drive and then edit them from anywhere with internet access.

1. To create a new file, simply click on the New button near the top and choose the type of file you want. The file will be created in whatever folder you are currently viewing.

Here’s a list of possible files you can create:

    • Blank file
        • This is an empty file of no type that can be modified into different file types.
    • Folder
    • Image in Pixlr
        • Pixlr is a website that allows you to create, edit, and and save images. It has myFiles functionality, so you can save your images directly to your H: drive.
    • Empty .zip archive
    • Microsoft Office files
    • OpenDocument files
    • OpenOffice files
    • PDF file
    • Rich Text Format file
    • Plain text document

2. To edit a pre-existing file, either right click on the file and choose View, edit and sharing or highlight it and click the View, edit and sharing button in the top left corner of the screen.

From there, you have multiple options for editing text files:

    • Microsoft Office
    • OpenOffice
    • Download to Google Docs
    • Directly in the browser
      • This only works for plain text documents.
    • You always have the option to download the document to your desktop, edit it locally, and then upload it back to MyFiles.