The Google app icons in the portal have been structured to fit the needs of dual enrollment students and YCP students who work at YCDS. Individuals who fall in these categories will have Google icon sets for both YCP and YCDS. This means that YCDS students who are taking classes at YCP will now have an accordion menu for each of their roles as a YCDS & a YCP student.

Depending on the situation, the primary role may vary. The following scenarios outline how the primary role may be determined.

Scenario 1:

A senior at YCDS is enrolled at YCP for one course:

The primary role for them is at YCDS, so the icons in the main application set will go the Google Apps for YCDS. However, they still need access to YCP Gmail and calendar. The structure described here will maintain the YCDS Google Apps in the main applications but also create a new accordion menu entry for them containing YCP Google Apps.

Scenario 2:

A YCDS employee takes a course at YCP:

The end result would be the same as Scenario 1, with the primary role being YCDS.

Scenario 3:

A YCP student (full or part time) works part time at YCDS:

The roles would change for them from primary at YCP to primary at YCDS. However, this structure would maintain the YCP Google Apps menu entry for them.

The goal is that those with roles at both YCP and YCDS will get both menu entries regardless of their primary role.

Be aware

Opening one Google application directly after another will cause Google to prompt with the switch account message. So if a student opens their YCDS mail, closes it, does not log off or close the browser and then opens YCP mail, Google will prompt the student to ask if he/she would like to switch accounts.