Parent Proxy

Parent Proxy allows students to grant their parents (or anyone else they would like) access to warning and final grades, as well as to deposit and eBill payments.*

Students must first setup access, then their proxies can complete the process.

Students (Step 1)

  • Log into

  • Select the YCPWeb icon.

  • Select YCPWeb for Parents > Proxy Management > Add Proxy.

  • Enter the name and email address of whoever you wish to share info with.

    • Select Add Proxy (at the bottom of the page).

  • Select Expand on the newly added proxy.

  • Next to Relationship, select Parent or Legal Guardian.

  • Start Date and Stop Date allow you to limit when your proxy has access.

  • Select the Authorization tab.

    • Select the boxes beside the items that you want your proxy to access.

  • Your proxy will receive an email with further instructions.

  • Select the Communication tab to see the proxy status.

    • Information can be resent to the proxy with the Resend button.

Delete Proxy Access

  • Log into

  • Select the YCPWeb icon.

  • Select YCPWeb for Parents > Proxy Management.

  • Select Expand on the proxy you want to delete.

  • Select Delete Proxy Relationship.

Parents (Step 2)


  • First, your student must set it up, following the Students instructions, above.

  • You’ll then receive an email from,

    • With the subject YCPWeb for Parents - New Account Created.

    • Copy the Action Password (which will be needed later).

    • Select the Initial Login URL, which will open a new window.

    • Enter the Action Password then select Submit.

  • Enter your email address.

  • In the Enter Old PIN section, enter the Action Password again.

  • Create a new password (one that you can remember in the future).

    • Enter it in both the Enter New PIN and the Validate PIN sections.

  • Select Save.

  • Complete the Proxy Profile form, then select Save.

  • Select the tab with your student’s name to view what they’ve shared with you.

    • Select each item to view it.


Pay Tuition/Housing Deposits

  • Sign into

    • Select the tab with your student’s name.

  • Select Pay Tuition Deposit.

  • Select the Term you wish to pay for, then Submit.

  • Select the Deposit Type, then Submit.

  • A new window will open.

    • Enter your payment info and follow the prompts.

For payment questions, please contact the Business Office at 717-815-1470.


No Student tab

If you still don't see your student's name in a tab after this, then your student may need to update the Start Date or Stop Date on their side.

Item isn't in Student tab

If you select the tab with your student's name, but the item you want to access is not listed, then it is up to your student to authorize your access to any such items.

No warning grades

Warning Grades are not available to proxies for up to a week after the faculty submission deadline. Once they are available, your access to them is subject to your student's discretion.