On campus, we use Cisco IP Phones.

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Place calls

What to dial for...

On campus calls

  • Last 4 digits of phone number

Off campus calls

  • 9 + 1 + area code + number

International calls

  • 9 + 011 + country code + number

Toll free calls

  • 9 + 1-800-number

Accidental 911 call

  • Don't hang up.

    • Wait for a representative.

      • Explain that the call was a misdial and there is no emergency.

  • Campus safety will call the phone that dialed 911.

    • Explain that the call was a misdial and there is no emergency.

Learn how to call 911 from space.

Transfer calls

  • Press Transfer.

  • If you're transferring to another campus phone,

    • Enter the extension.

  • If you're transferring to a cell or personal phone,

    • Enter the number as described in the Place calls section, above.

  • When you're ready to complete the transfer, press Transfer again.

Forward calls


Set a phone to send all incoming calls to any other phone number.

Model 8851

  • Press Forward All.

  • Enter the phone number you'd like to forward to.

    • For cell phones, enter 91 then the 10 digit phone number

  • To turn off, press Forward Off.

Models 7945, 7960, & 7965

  • Press CFwdALL.

  • Enter the phone number you'd like to forward to.

    • For cell phones, enter 91 then the 10 digit phone number.

  • To turn off, press CFwdALL again.

Conference calls

Model 8851

  • From an active call, press Conference.

    • For calling someone to conference,

      • Dial the number to conference.

      • Press Conference.

      • Repeat as needed.

    • When calls to conference are on hold,

      • Press Active Calls.

      • Press Conference.

Models 7945, 7960, & 7965

  • From an active call, press More.

  • Press Confrn.

    • For calling someone to conference.

      • Dial the number to conference.

      • Press Confrn.

    • When calls to conference are on hold.

      • Press Confrn.

      • Press the Line button of the call to conference.

Conference phone

We'll setup conference phones in meeting rooms upon request. Please contact us with the date, time, and location at least 48 hours prior to your event.


Often Zoom works better for more easily shared and joined remote conferences. You are welcome to join only with audio if you prefer not to share video, or call into the zoom meeting from your phone, in much the same way as any other conference call.

Learn more about Zoom.


An alternative conference method which will allow additional members to call in via a MeetMe number. MeetMe conference calls cannot be started from off campus. We strongly recommend using Zoom instead.

  • Press •• while dialing a number.

    • This is a soft key based on the number of menu options. It may also appear as , •••, or More.

  • Press MeetMe.

  • Enter your four digit MeetMe ID.

To call in to a MeetMe session, dial 717-815-(followed by the 4 digit MeetMe number), or while on campus you can just dial the 4 digit MeetMe number.

Voicemail (VM)

Access voicemail

Your default PIN is 12345 until you update it.

Office phone

Other campus phones

  • Dial extension 6800, then the * key.

  • Dial your extension, then the # key.

  • Enter your PIN, then the # key.

Off campus

  • Call 717-815-6800.

  • Once the message begins, press the * key.

  • Dial your extension, then the # key.

  • Enter your PIN, then the # key.

Update greeting


After logging into your voicemail, follow these steps to update your greeting message.

  • Press 4 for setup options.

  • Press 1 for Greetings and Transfer.

  • Press 1 for Change your Greeting.

  • When prompted, press 1 to record your greeting.

  • Press # when you are finished recording.

  • Press * to save your greeting.

    • To rerecord, press 1.

Navigate voicemail (play, rewind, speed, slow, skip, save, delete, etc.)

While listening to a message, press...

  • 1 to restart.

  • 2 to save.

  • 3 to delete.

  • 4 to slow playback.

  • 6 to quicken playback.

  • 7 to rewind.

  • 8 to pause.

  • 9 to skip forward.

  • # to skip to message settings.

After Listening to a message, press...

  • 1 to replay.

  • 2 to save.

  • 3 to delete.

  • 4 to reply with voicemail.

  • 6 to forward voicemail to another extension.

  • 7 to save as new.

  • 8 to rewind.

  • 9 to play properties.

    • Such as caller's number and details.

  • # to save as is.

Lock out or forgotten PIN

  • Your voicemail will unlock after 45 minutes.

  • If you forget your PIN, or need your voicemail unlocked immediately, contact us.

Review & erase deleted messages / full voicemail box

After you delete new messages, they'll still take up mailbox storage space for 30 days. If they fill up faster than a month, then new messages won't be accepted.

Follow the Navigate voicemail section, above, to delete messages. Then, review and erase your deleted messages.

Review & erase deleted messages

  • Follow the Access voicemail section, above.

  • Press

    • 3 to review old messages.

    • 2 for deleted messages.

      • 1 to review deleted messages.

      • 2 to erase all deleted messages.

Voicemail to email


Upon request, extensions can be configured to forward voicemails to a YCP email address. Contact us with the following to submit a request.

  • Extension to be set up

  • Email address to send voicemails to

    • Voicemails can only be forwarded to one email

    • If the extension is for a department main line, consider using an alias or delegated email address

Voicemails will still appear in the voice mailbox for any IP phones with that extension.


Your full phone number is the area code (717), your appropriate prefix, then your extension.

  • E.g. If your extension is 1559, your full phone number is 717-815-1559

Extensions, prefix list

Based on your extension, this list shows your prefix.

  • 1200-1599, 815

  • 1600-1699, 849

  • 1700-2099, 815

  • 2200-2299, 815

  • 3000-3299, 815

  • 3300-3999, 600

  • 5900-5999, 849

  • 6000-6399, 814

  • 6400-6899, 815

  • 8000-8099, 849

  • 8200-8499, 849

  • 8800-8899, 849

Lower Your Voice Alert

This is when your phone tells you to lower your voice. It's not polite about it, and surprises some phone users. The person you're speaking with does not hear it.

Model 8851


  • Press the Applications (gear) button.

  • Navigate to Settings > Lower your voice alert.

  • Press Off or On to toggle the setting.

  • Press Ok on the pop-up window.


With Mobility enabled, incoming calls to your campus extension will also ring to your cell phone.

When you call campus phones from your cell, your campus extension will appear on their caller ID.

  • Off-campus recipients will see your cell number.

Mobility is available, upon request, to college employees who have both a college issued cell phone and dedicated extension.

Enable/disable mobility

You can only enable or disable Mobility from your Cisco IP phone. If you don't have access to it, please contact us to do it for you.

  • Press the Mobility soft key.

    • You may have to press More or ... to find this option.

  • Select

    • Enable MobileConnect to turn it on.

    • Disable MobileConnect to turn it off.

Mobility voicemail

Regardless of whether an incoming call is ringing to your Cisco IP phone or to your cell, if you don't answer, your Cisco IP phone will receive the voicemail.

If you Decline an incoming call, the voicemail will be received by whichever phone you used to decline it. So, if your cell is receiving a Mobility call...

  • Decline it from your cell to send the caller to your cell voicemail box.

  • Or let it continue ringing to send the caller to your Cisco IP phone voicemail box.

If Mobility is enabled while your cell is dead, turned off, or has no signal, then incoming calls will be sent directly to your cell voicemail box.

Cisco IP phone ring issues

When Mobility is enabled, both your cell and Cisco IP phone will ring at once. If you're near both phones, this can be annoying.

  • Decline the call, from either phone, to stop the ringing.

    • See the above Mobility voicemail section, to learn how declining calls affects voicemail.

  • Or Disable MobileConnect, while near both phones, then Enable again before leaving.

    • Learn how to do this in the Enable/disable mobility section, above.

If Mobility is enabled while your cell is dead, turned off, or has no signal, then your Cisco IP phone will not ring properly.