Personal Web Page Policy


Personal Web Pages are developed and maintained by individuals who are students, faculty or staff at York College of Pennsylvania. The posting of these pages is a privilege extended to members of the York College community and the quality and accuracy of the information published on these pages should foster a positive and engaging image of the college. Please do not post content that reflects unfavorably on the reputation or image of the college. Personal web pages are fully accessible to the Internet and represent York College to the world. For this reason, it is essential that all pages conform to the York College Personal Web Page policy as well as all federal and state laws.


The following policy has been established to assure that the goals and reputation of the college are upheld.


All users are expected to comply with this policy.


York College will provide server space for all college faculty, student or staff members. Users will have the ability to maintain their own web page(s). Even though personal pages will not be routinely screened, the college reserves the right to monitor users’ work on the server and to remove files at its discretion. Failure to follow this agreement could lead to criminal prosecution.

Individuals posting web pages will not interfere with the performance of the York College server and will not:

  • Hold the college responsible for loss of data or service
  • Attempt to damage college computer hardware or software
  • Attempt to manipulate or delete computer files belonging to another user
  • Attempt to circumvent or expose computer policies or system security

All web pages must follow these guidelines:

  • Web pages cannot be constructed or used for business or profit
  • Web pages cannot be used to serve the purposes of an organization external to York College
  • Photographs of people, especially minors, cannot be used without express permission from the subject and the parent or legal guardian
  • Web pages may not be used to violate copyright law, obscenity law, or any other federal, state or local law
  • Permission must be obtained and original ownership noted if web pages contain copyrighted material

When a complaint is raised about one of these pages, or if traffic to a page has a negative impact on the operation of the York College computing system, the College has the authority to remove the page without prior notice and/or refer the complaint for appropriate disciplinary action. Using College resources to publish web pages is a privilege that can be revoked; violation of web page standards can result in the loss of all account privileges.


Users who violate this policy may be denied access to College computing resources and may be subject to other penalties and disciplinary action, including possible expulsion or dismissal. Alleged violations will be handled through the college disciplinary procedures that are applicable to the user. The College may suspend, block or restrict access to an account, independent of such procedures, when it reasonably appears necessary to do so in order to protect the integrity, security, or functionality of the College or other computing resources or to protect the College from liability. The College may also refer suspected violations of applicable law to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

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Revised 6/18/2012