Posting myYCP Announcements

Certain designated employees have permission to post announcements to myYCP. Please be aware of the Announcement Policy and guidelines below when posting announcements. Announcements should be targeted to YCP roles (such as YCP employees, students, or only commuter students, etc).

1. Log into myYCP

2. Select the link Manage Announcements in the Announcement portlet. This link is directly above the button Remove Checked from My List.

Indicates Manage Announcements button

3. Those with permissions to create announcements will see the option to Add Announcement. Select this option.

4. The Add Announcement screen will open.

    • Title: The title should be a short, descriptive name. This will be the link name that is displayed on the myYCP portal home page.
    • Body: Enter the announcement text. Format your announcement using controls for bullets and basic font customization options as needed.
    • Attach a file: To locate and attach a file, select the "Browse..." button, navigate, and select the file.

If the text is copied and pasted into the Body, use the "Paste from Word" icon so that special characters are properly formatted. Hyperlinks can be created her using the "Link" icon.

Paste from Word


5. Select a category for the announcement type. Note that the Priority Announcements option is role based and only senior administrators who have Priority Announcements status will see this option in the drop down menu.

Once a category is selected, the option to email the announcement will appear if your account has the permission to send emails. If the announcement is emailed, the email will be sen from the announcer's department alias. Any "Out of Office" auto-replies or replies to the announcement will return to the department alias for review.

6. Start and End Date: Set the start and end dates for the announcement to display. Announcements that are created to post on a future date will post at 12:00 a.m. on the

7. Check the Request that this announcement be pinned to request an announcement stays at the top of the announcement list. Please refer to the Pinning Announcements section of the Announcement Policy for Guidelines.

8. Select the target audience for the announcement. To select a group, select the radio (option) button for that group. To select a subset of a group, expand the group and check the desired recipients. For example, if you select the Students, the announcement appears for all students. If you select Commuter, the announcement will appear to just the commuters.

Indicates where to select groups


Your list of options may appear different depending on your announcement permissions.

Announcements are best when received by just those they affect.

Sending announcements to a wide audience can causes problems such as:

  • people may begin to ignore messages
  • pushes your announcement too far down the list and it may be missed.

9. To finish posting, select the Post Announcement button at the bottom. Successful postings will give a confirmation number. By default, the announcer will receive the announcement, even if not on the targeted list.


Please contact us to report issues:

  • Announcements sent with email will have a slightly longer wait time until the email is sent. The processing time for emails to send is dependent on the number of announcements that have been posted, with email, in the same timeframe.
  • Please do not repost the announcement. Contact us to report announcements that do not appear to be sent via email.