Enrolled students and active employees have a few printing options at YCP.

You must be on campus for them to work.

From any computer/device (using

If you are using a personal device, you must be connected to any of our wireless networks.


There are two ways ways to submit your files, before previewing & printing them. Pick one based on your needs.

1. Upload

From any computer (yours or ours).

  • Sign into

  • Select Upload.

    • Choose the files you want to print.

    • Wait for them to upload.

2. Email

From any device (including mobile).

  • Send your files, as attachments, to

    • You'll receive a confirmation email response.

Preview & Print

From any device (including mobile).

Whether uploaded or emailed, your files will appear in

  • Select the Print Preview icon, beside the file name, to see how your file will look when printed.

  • Select the uploaded file(s).

    • When selected, they'll be highlighted in green.

  • Near the bottom, select your Print options.

  • Select the Destination to choose, or search for, a printer.

    • The icons to the right of each printer name will specify which can print in color.

    • See the Printers section, below, for our list.

  • Select Print.

  • Retrieve your prints from the printer you chose.

Accepted File Formats

Maximum file size 25MB

  • Microsoft: Word, PowerPoint, Visio, & Excel

    • Spreadsheets always print in landscape. To print in portrait, convert to PDF first.

  • PDF

  • Text: CSV, RTF, & TXT

  • Images: JPG, TIFF, GIF, & BMP

From a YCP computer (not using

  • Use a computer near your preferred printer.

  • Adjust your print properties as desired, then select Print.

  • A pop-up will appear.

    • It might ask you to create a password.

      • Remember the password; you'll need it at the printer.

    • It will also share your print cost and remaining balance.

    • Select OK.

  • If the printer has an ID swipe, swipe your YCP ID, then choose your print job.

You can also use the same method as in the From Any Computer/Device section, above.


Available to all YCP members. Employees may use additional printers, depending on their department.

They only print in black & white sized 8.5×11, unless otherwise noted.

Locations, paper sizes, & color options

  • DHL Lobby

  • DHL 236

  • KEC 132

    • Color

  • LIB Bottom Floor

  • LIB East Wing

  • LIB West Wing*

    • Color & 11×17

  • LS 309

  • LS 218

  • NSC Lobby*

  • PAC181*

    • Color & 11×17

  • PAC 187

  • MacDougal Lounge

    • Color

  • WBC 2nd Floor Cluster

  • WBC 4th Floor Cluster

  • WCCC Lounge*

* Printers with ID swipes.

Costs & funds

  • Black & White: 10¢ per page

  • Color: 20¢ per page

  • Posters: 40¢ per linear inch


Your available balance is displayed on the lower left side of

My Funds is your total balance: Technology Grant, Tuition Fees, and User Pays.


  • You'll start with $10 every semester.

    • Initial $10 cannot be used for posters.

    • You can add more funds using your Flex account.


  • Your department will allocate your printing funds.


Enrolled students and active employees can order posters through this form (Prints larger than 11×17) for pickup from the Schmidt Library.

  • 42 inches (the width of our printer) is either the maximum height or width for your print.

    • The second dimension can be larger.

  • Your files must be in PDF format.

Learn more about poster requirements and cost.

Paper & Toner Refills

Only for YCP printers.


Contact us with:

  • Number of Cases needed.

      • Each includes 10 reams.

  • Delivery Location.

  • Account Number to Chargeback.


Contact us with:

  • Printer make and model.

  • Location of Printer.

    • Or Office to be delivered.

  • Quantity of Toner.

  • Specific color.

    • Black (K), Magenta (M), Cyan (C), Yellow (Y), or Tricolor.

  • Account Number to Chargeback.

  • Urgency - are you still able to print?

  • Does the toner need Replaced or Delivered?


Your YCP computer, and departmental adjunct computers, already have the proper printers installed. You may contact us to request more.

We only support college-owned computers and printers. Neither personal nor off-campus printers may be used with your college-owned computer.


Our Electronic Print Service is for employees printing 50 pages or more, total. Please visit to submit your PDF format file.

Save as PDF

Anything that you can print, you can save as a PDF instead. This also allows you to print at home, from VPN or Remote Desktop.

Learn how to save as a PDF.