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From Any Computer/Device



  • Sign into
  • Select Upload.
    • Choose the files you want to print.
    • Wait for them to upload.

or, Email

  • Send your files, as attachments, to
    • You'll receive a confirmation email response.

Preview & Print

Whether emailed or uploaded, your files will appear in

  • Select the Print Preview icon, beside the file name, to see how your file will look when printed.
  • Select the uploaded file(s).
    • When selected, they'll be highlighted in green.
  • Near the bottom, select your Print options.
  • Select the Destination to choose, or search for, a printer.
    • The icons to the right of each printer name will specify which can print in color.
    • See the Printers section, below, for our list.
  • Select Print.
  • Retrieve your prints from the printer you chose.

Accepted File Formats

Maximum file size 25MB

  • Microsoft: Word, PowerPoint, Visio, & Excel
    • Spreadsheets always print in landscape. To print in portrait, convert to PDF first.
  • PDF
  • Text: CSV, RTF, & TXT
  • Images: JPG, TIFF, GIF, & BMP

From a YCP Computer

Not using
  • Use a computer near your preferred printer.
  • Adjust your print properties as desired, then select Print.
  • A pop-up will appear.
    • It might ask you to create a password.
      • Remember the password; you'll need it at the printer.
    • It will also share your print cost & remaining balance.
    • Select OK.
  • If the printer has an ID swipe, swipe your YCP ID, then choose your print job.

You can also use the same method as in the From Any Computer/Device section, above.


Prints larger than 11×17.

You can order posters for pickup from the Schmidt Library.

  • Service only available to enrolled students & active employees.

Your files must be in PDF format.


Locations, paper sizes, & color options.

Available to all YCP members. Employees may use additional printers, depending on their department.

They only print in black & white sized 8.5×11, unless otherwise noted.

  • DHL Lobby
  • DHL 236
  • KEC 132
    • Color
  • LIB Bottom Floor
  • LIB East Wing
  • LIB West Wing*
    • Color & 11×17
  • LS 309
  • LS 218
  • NSC Lobby*
  • PAC181*
    • Color & 11×17
  • PAC 187
  • MacDougal Lounge
    • Color
  • WBC 2nd Floor Cluster
  • WBC 4th Floor Cluster
  • WCCC Lounge*

* Printers with ID swipes.

Costs & Funds

  • Black & White: 10¢ per page
  • Color: 20¢ per page
  • Posters: 40¢ per linear inch


Your available balance is displayed on the lower left side of

My Funds is your total balance: Technology Grant, Tuition Fees, & User Pays.


  • You'll start with $10 every semester.
    • Initial $10 cannot be used for posters.
    • You can add more funds using your Flex account.


  • Your department will allocate your printing funds.

Paper & Toner Refills

Only for YCP printers.


  • Contact us with:
    • Number of Cases needed.
        • Each includes 10 reams.
    • Delivery Location.
    • Account Number to Chargeback.


  • Contact us with:
    • Printer make & model.
    • Location of Printer.
      • Or Office to be delivered.
    • Quantity of Toner.
    • Specific color.
      • Black (K), Magenta (M), Cyan (C), Yellow (Y), or Tricolor.
    • Account Number to Chargeback.
    • Urgency - are you still able to print?
    • Does the toner need Replaced or Delivered?


Your YCP computer, & departmental adjunct computers, already have the proper printers installed. You may contact us to request more.

We only support college-owned computers & printers. Neither personal nor off-campus printers may be used with your college-owned computer.


Electronic Print Service (Employees Only)

If you're printing 50 pages or more total, please visit to submit your file.