Electronic Print Service (EPS) - Submitting a File

Electronic Print Service (EPS) is a web tool for submitting documents to the Academic Print Center. To access EPS, select the printer icon located on the left side of the Home Page in myYCP (my.ycp.edu). If the printer icon is not visible, but you believe you should have access to EPS, please contact us.

As a general guideline, printing jobs that total more than 50 pages (considering both number of pages and copies required) should be submitted through EPS. Jobs below 50 total pages may be completed on departmental BizHub printers.

To increase the accuracy of the print jobs being submitted electronically, we recommend that you submit the job as a PDF file rather than a Word, Excel, or other style of document.

To Request a New Job:

The system will guide you through each of the steps that you should take (an asterisk ( * ) denotes a required field)

  • Step 1: Enter the information of the submitter. Please note that the department chosen will be the department charged for the print job.
  • Step 2: Enter the information on the document to be printed; the date needed (a minimum of two businesses days notice is required), the file upload, and color/duplex printing.
  • Step 3: Select your choices on the layout and cover options. If Yes is chosen for a cover, questions about the layout of the cover will follow.
  • Step 4: Is this meant to be a booklet? If Yes is chosen, questions about the layout of the booklet will follow.
  • Step 5: Select if you need the document stapled, hole punched, or folded. Please note if booklet information has already been entered, do not re-enter.
  • Step 6: Enter any additional notes. Documents are collated by default. If a document needs grouped, please enter this in the Notes field.
  • Step 7: Review all choices made throughout the pages. If corrections are needed, select back to the step that needs updated. Once finished reviewing, select Submit.