Faculty and Staff Printing

As faculty or staff member, you have unlimited printing and your computer system will already have the proper printers installed. If you require a different campus printer to be installed, you may contact the LTS Help Desk with that request.

Note: LTS only fully support college-owned computer systems and printers. We do not support personal or off-campus printers to be used with your college-owned computer system.

Out of Paper? Out of Toner?

Paper deliveries and toner replacements are done through LTS. Please contact us or create a ticket in our Footprints ticketing system using the Service Catalog.

Please include the following information when requesting TONER:

  • Make and Model of printer
  • Location of Printer for replacement or Office to be delivered
  • Quantity of Toner
  • Color or Black
  • Account Number to Chargeback
  • Urgency - are you still able to print?
  • Does the toner need Replaced or Delivered?

Please include the following information when requesting PAPER:

  • Number of Cases needed
      • Currently we provide full cases which include 10 reams
  • Delivery Location
  • Account Number to Chargeback