This software can read text aloud, spell check, scan documents, extract text from photographs, convert PDFs to Word documents, & much more. A great tool for anyone, & a huge help for those with learning disabilities.

Bonus, it's free for all YCP members.

We also have more free & discounted technology available.


  • Visit
  • Select Try Now
  • Choose your platform
    • Select Install
  • It may take some time to download, then follow the prompts to finish installing

Sign in

  • You might be prompted to sign in, or you may have to select the Read&Write icon &/or a Login button
  • Select Sign in with Google
    • Enter your YCP email address
    • You'll be redirected to MyYCP
      • Sign in with your YCP username & password


  • Reads documents or web pages aloud

  • Reads text in photos & PDFs aloud
  • Converts writing in screenshots to a Word document

  • Scans a page to PDF and Word
  • Scans directly from a digital camera or smartphone
  • Converts PDFs to Word documents

  • Basic - Simple definition
  • Advanced - Deeper definition: medical, legal, etc.
  • Web - Opens definition in your preferred browser

  • Uses pictures to define words
  • You can drag them into Word documents

  • Multiple colors for categorization
  • Converts text to a Word document

  • Creates vocabulary lists with definitions & pictures

  • Helps to finish your sentences
  • Learns & adapts to your writing style
  • Customize your personal word bank