Vending Machines

All vending machine refunds are handled through the Student Activities office. Stop by STU205 to pick up a refund form and return the completed form. For questions on vending machine refunds, contact Student Activities at 717-815-1239.

Print Refunds

The LTS Department will credit the student's flex account for print jobs that did not print due to a malfunction with the Pay-4-Print system. The LTS Department is unable to approve refunds for user error.

To request a print refund, click here.

Color copies are $0.20 per page, Black and White is $0.10 per page

Please allow 2 weeks for refunds to be processed.

Laundry Refunds

Swipe card issues resulting in incorrectly being charged for laundry are reported to the LTS Help Desk. Laundry issues due to user error are unable to be refunded.

Issues related to malfunctioning machines are to be reported to our CSC ServiceWorks vendor. Click here to find their contact information.

To request a laundry refund, click here.