Remote rooms

Select classrooms are equipped for instructors on campus to teach students attending class remotely with Zoom.

WBC310 is configured with different technology.

Learn more about WBC310.

  • Sign into the instructor's station computer (on the podium) in one of the Rooms listed below.

    • To present from your personal device for instruction, refer to that section below.

  • Start a Zoom meeting with your remote students.

  • Check out the Quick Start Guide


  • Beside the Video icon, select ^ .

  • Select Video Settings > Enable HD.

    • On the podium, you'll find a remote control to move and adjust the physical camera.


  • Beside the Mute (microphone) icon, select ^ .

  • Verify that Jabra Speak 710 is selected.

Document camera (in some rooms)

  • Beside the Video icon, select ^ .

  • Select AVerVision U50 or Kodak Nuscan Q500

  • The image will be "mirrored". To flip it...

    • Beside the Video icon, select ^ .

    • Select Video Settings > deselect Mirror my video.

Present from your personal device

  • Sign into the instructor's station computer (on the podium) in one of the Rooms listed below.

  • Start a Zoom meeting with your remote students.

  • Physically connect your personal device via an unused podium cable.

  • Select the appropriate input on the podium control panel.

  • From your device, join your active Zoom call.

    • Either ignore Join Audio, or select Mute, to prevent feedback.

    • Select Share Screen or Share Content for your Zoom guests to see it.

      • If you receive the message Only the host can share in this meeting...

        • From your Zoom session on the instructor's station computer...

          • Beside Share Screen, select ^ .

          • Select Advanced Sharing Options... > All Participants (under Who can share?).

        • From your Zoom session on your personal device...

          • Select Share Screen or Share Content again (it should now work).

Student Monitors

Student Monitors who are assisting faculty teaching remotely will initiate the Zoom session in the classroom. Here are video instructions for Student Monitors.

  • Log in to the instructor station.

  • Turn on the projector.

  • Join your Zoom meeting from the link provided by the instructor.

  • Remember to log out when finished.


Why doesn't the camera move when I use the remote?

The camera remote uses IR to communicate (like your TV at home). Stand in front of the camera and point the remote directly at it.

Why isn't the camera working?

The camera will automatically turn on when you start the Zoom session. In Zoom, beside the Video icon, select ^ , then make sure the PTZ camera is selected. Ensure that your video is not muted.

Why isn't the microphone working?

Make sure you are not muted. In Zoom, beside the Mute (microphone) icon, select ^ , then ensure that Jabra Speak 710 is selected. If there are red lights on the microphone, press the Mute button on the microphone to unmute it.


Q: What equipment is installed in a Zoom Classroom?

A: Most Zoom classrooms were existing Smart Classrooms that included a projector and instructor PC. LTS has added a speakerphone as well as a PTZ camera. Some classrooms were also outfitted with a document camera.

Q: Will the camera follow me around the classroom?

A: No. The PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) Camera will need to be controlled manually with the provided remote.

Q: Do I need to stand by the microphone in order for remote students to hear me?

A: No. The Jabra 710 Speakerphone is equipped with an omnidirectional microphone that will pick up the faculty and student voices anywhere in the classroom.

Q: Do I need a document camera? If so, how do I get one?

A: If your class relies heavily on using marker/chalk boards it is recommended that you use a document camera. You may request one by emailing

Q: How do I know what equipment has been installed in my classroom?

A: A listing can be found at

Q: How do I turn on the camera?

A: The camera will power itself on as soon as your Zoom session starts.

Q: My camera does not move when I use the remote, what am I doing wrong?

A: The camera remote uses IR to communicate (like your TV at home.) You must stand in front of the camera and point the remote directly at it.

Q: My classroom was not outfitted with Zoom capabilities, what should I do?

A: All requests must go through your department chair and dean.

Q: Will all of my classes automatically be scheduled in Zoom?

A: No. Faculty must schedule their classes in Zoom and provide the links to students via Canvas or Email.

Q: I am teaching remotely, who will turn on the classroom equipment?

A: Contact your department’s administrative assistant to have a Student Monitor assigned to your class.

Q: Do I need to use the instructor PC in the classroom, or can I just use my laptop?

A: Yes, the instructor PC is connected to the Smart Classroom equipment as well as the camera and microphone. The Zoom session must be started from the instructor station.

Q: Can I use my laptop along with the podium computer?

A: Yes but you will want to start the Zoom session from the podium PC so you can utilize the camera and the microphone in the classroom. You can then join from your laptop and share your screen. This will show up full-screen on the projector and to the remote students. When you join the Zoom session from the laptop, make sure your microphone and speakers are muted to avoid audio feedback.

Q: Can the students in the physical classroom connect to the Zoom session?

A: Yes. Students can join the Zoom session, but they must have a headset or their computer speakers and microphone muted to avoid audio feedback

Q: Do the students connecting remotely have places on campus to go?

A: This fall the Library’s lower and upper level seating will be reserved from 8:00 A. M. until 5:00 P. M. for commuters participating in Zoom classes. In addition, there are several other areas at the College that will be reserved for commuter students:

  • Diehl Hall 118

  • Life Science 133

  • Life Science 309

  • Humanities 139

  • Wolf 314

  • Willman South Lobby

  • Willman WBC206

  • Willman WBC209

If there are no spots available in the Library, or in the above spaces, please ask for additional options at your Dean’s office.

Q: Do the YCP labs have webcams and microphones?

A: No.

Q: Do the students know what computer and headset to buy?

A: Computer recommendations are available at Any standard headset with a microphone (including earpods) should work

Q: Can I use Zoom breakout rooms with in-person and remote students?

A: Yes. All students in the classroom must be wearing a headset to avoid audio feedback.

Q: If I am teaching remotely, do my students have to be in the assigned classroom?

A: That is the best approach given limited spaces on campus. This also helps students who might have limited Internet access or other technology issues off-campus.

Q: Will Zoom have live closed captioning?

A: Not at this time but LTS is working on obtaining software that works with Zoom for students with disabilities. At this time faculty may record their Zoom session to the cloud and provide the recording link to students. The recording will contain a written transcript.


Building names are linked to Room Availability Calendars for the entire building.

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