Remotely access campus applications & computers

From anywhere, YCP members can use YCP applications, network drives, and more on a personal computer or device.

RemoteApp (RDSH)

This is the fastest and simplest way to access applications used at YCP and in your classes. Please try this first.

If you don't see your needed software, or if you must use a specific computer, then try the Remote desktop option, below.

Remote desktop (RDP)

Connect and sign into a specific campus computer (such as one in your office or a lab). Then, do anything that you can on campus, such as access a file, network drive, local printer, or software.

This may offer more applications than the RemoteApp option, above, but a limited number of computers (which might be unavailable during busier times). It's also a bit trickier.

Note: To find which computers have a particular application, see the Find campus software section of our Software & applications article.