Resize images

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Sometimes, an image you wish to use may be too large for a particular application, such as TerminalFour. So, you can make it smaller, which also reduces its file size.

Note: There is a different way to convert and resize images for poster printing.

  • Visit

  • Either click and drag an image into the area, or select the + button, in the middle, to upload an image file.

  • Follow the prompts to resize your image and save as your preferred file type, then select Save Image.

  • Your resized image will download, which you may use as you please.

Why you should not try to make an image larger

There are a finite number of pixels in each image; more cannot be added without compromising the quality, making it look fuzzy.

If you need a larger version, return to the source and find the maximum size original image file.

Image file size & dimensions

Limits for YCP resources

When creating a YCP announcement, web page, or poster, here are some size limits to keep in mind.


  • Announcements

    • Dimension Limit:

    • Size Limit:

  • Web pages

    • Dimension Limit:

    • Size Limit:

  • Posters

    • Size Limit: 100MB