We have two book/document scanners in the back, right side of the Schmidt Library.

The West Campus Community Center Lounge has a flat bed scanner available.

Many campus Faculty workrooms have large printers with a scan-to-email option. If your email is not in the printer, please contact us to add it.


  • Visit the Schmidt Library.

  • To the right of the desk, find a scanning station.

    • Ask us for help, at the desk, if you like!

  • Sign into a computer beside a scanner, then the prompts will direct you through the process.

  • Check your email account for your finished scan.


You can either follow the Students section, above, or...

  • Place your document in the scan portion of any printer across campus (that you're permitted to access).

  • Press the Fax / Scan button, then do one of the following two steps on the screen.

    • Find and select your name in the Address Book.

    • Or, tap the Direct Input tab > E-Mail, then enter your full email address.

      • Tap OK.

  • Press the Start button.

  • Check your email account for your finished scan.