Smart Classroom

Equipment installed

Extron MediaLink 226IP

Extron IRCM DV+ (DVD/VCR Controller)

Desktop PC


Laptop Connection


  1. Press ON in order to power on the projector.

  2. The ON button will flash as the projector warms up. Wait for the flashing to stop before proceeding.

  3. Select the desired input (For example, on a Desktop Computer, press PC).

  4. When the presentation is complete, press OFF in order to power down the projector.

  • Volume Adjustment: The room's volume can be adjusted using the volume knob. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the volume and counter-clockwise to decrease the volume.

    • Note: If using a desktop or laptop PC, the volume on the PC must be turned up as well as the volume on the video player.

  • Auto Image: If you are displaying the image from a laptop or desktop and you notice that the image from the projector is off-center or cut off press the AUTO IMAGE button to adjust the screen.

  • Display Mute: Pressing the Display Mute button will blank out the projection screen without shutting off the projector. This is ideal if you need to enter a password, or look at sensitive information during a class session. To resume projection simply press the desired input.

Indicates what each button on the IRCM DV+ does

IRCM DV+ Functions

The IRCM DV+ is a control module that operates the DVD/VCR located in the room. This device functions exactly like a DVD/VCR remote.

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