All campus computers have Microsoft Office & at least some Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

Various labs, classrooms, & computers also have specialized software, but as it frequently changes, we don't publish a public list. You're welcome to ask us where any particular software is presently installed. Employees may install & update software per the instructions below, or request any that aren't therein.

As a YCP member, you can get free & discounted software to use on your personal devices. For students, here are our computer & software recommendations.

During our COVID-19 closure, you may be able to remotely access lab computers to use needed campus software.

Install / Update

Windows 10 - YCP Owned

Software Center
  • Select the Search Windows button in the taskbar (lower left).
    • Search for Software Center.
    • Open it.
  • Select the application that you want to install/update.
  • Select Install.
    • You may minimize the screen while the software installs.
    • To check the progress, select Installation status, on the left.

If you can't find the software that you want, contact us.

Mac - YCP Owned

Self Service
  • Search for Self Service in Spotlight or Finder.
    • Open it.
  • Click Install or Reinstall for your chosen software.
    • If you don't see what you want, select Activity, at the top, then Update for your chosen software.
  • You'll receive a notification when your install/update is complete.

If you still can't find the software that you want, contact us.