Spartan Success Network

Spartan Success Network (SSN) contains a variety of modules designed to help students persist toward graduation, including early warning/student feedback, a personalized network and collection of resources, communication and academic planning tools, appointment scheduling, and shared documentation. For students, it consolidates various pieces of important information from YCP Web, the LMS, and the YCP website into one place.

Benefits For Faculty:

  • Comprehensiveness – having a better picture of students and their academic performance than ever before
  • Support – receiving guidance and oversight from Retention Coordinators to address concerns about students
  • Connectedness – identifying and easily communicating with other people in a student’s Network
  • Transparency – being able to demonstrate and document our due diligence in supporting students
  • Productiveness – completing administrative tasks more efficiently in one multi-function system

Benefits For Students:

  • A dashboard of upcoming assignments, deadlines, and appointments
  • Course grades from the LMS—including how one’s performance compares to classmates
  • New options for connecting with a personalized network of professors, advisors, coaches, etc.
  • A catalog of services and resources across campus

Please contact with any questions.

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