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SSN Faculty FAQ

Essential SSN tasks for supporting student success and learning

SSN tips, tricks, & nuances

Your account

Institutional Profile

      • Login Page – choose the section of SSN you want to see immediately upon logging in to the system

      • Title – leave this field blank unless your role/title doesn’t change regardless of the students with whom you interact

      • General Overview & My Biography – when students view your profile, My Biography information is placed before General Overview information

Appointment Preferences

      • My Locations – students will see the location “name” and is the field in which your office location, phone number, etc. should be entered

        • The First location in this list is the default location, which likely will be your office. If you choose to include your phone number as a "location" ensure that it is not listed first.

Email Notifications

      • Tracking Item Notifications – ensure that “an item is assigned to me” is checked


To edit or cancel office hours or group sessions, hover over the corresponding icon in the Availability column of your Agenda and select Edit on the appropriate button that appears in the new window.

To edit/cancel an appointment or to document meeting notes, hover over the corresponding calendar icon and select the appropriate button that appears in the new window

Indicates where to find the agenda
Image gives a sample of what the user page will look like


The My Students tab shows you all students with whom you have a relationship based on your role(s), while the Tracking tab shows you students with whom you have a relationship and who have any Tracking Items.

The system saves the last set of criteria you used to filter your rosters. So, if your student list appears incomplete/incorrect, check Connection, Term, Cohort, and Additional Filters.

Prior to beginning a new filtered search, select the blue Edit Filters button and reset your rosters by selecting the Clear All Filters button that appears in the new window.

When filtering rosters by specific attributes, keep in mind:

  • The system will use the AND Boolean operator when searching for multiple attribute values

  • Asterisks may be used as a wildcard search character when filtering for a string value

Indicates what the filtering page looks like


To update a Tracking Item, hover over the corresponding icon and select the appropriate button that appears in the new window

  • Comment on Flags

    • To summarize pending action that you and the student discussed

    • To document that a student has not responded to your outreach attempts

    • To inform others in the network that you want the Flag to remain active

  • Clear Flags

    • To close-the-loop and indicate that the issue has been addressed


To edit or delete a Note that you wrote, select the paper icon next to the appropriate Note and make your selection within the new window that appears

Image shows the note menu

Google Calendar Sync

Faculty who have synced their Office Hours in SSN with their Google Calendar may have to periodically resync the connection.

  • Open the menu in the upper left corner (three horizontal bars)

  • Click on your name and select Email Notifications

  • Check the box next to "Read busy times from my external Google Calendar"

    • If your private calendar link still appears in the associated text box, simply click the Submit button in the upper right corner

    • If your private calendar link does not appear in the associated text box, follow the instructions (linked below the box) to retrieve it

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