Distance Learning

As a YCP student learning and studying from off site, we can help you.

Note: If you're a YCP professor/employee, please visit our Distance Working article.


  • Stay safe: Please install all operating system updates. Use Windows Security, if you have Windows 10 or above. If not, install a reputable anti-virus program with scheduled scans (contact us for more info). Please follow our cybersecurity guidelines.

  • Contact your professor: Each one decides how and whether to use canvas, what file formats are expected for assignments, which programs are needed, etc. They can give you the fastest answers about what they want, then we'll try to help you provide it.


  • Canvas: Communicate with your professors and classes, take exams, share files, and more. For more info about a specific class, please contact your professor.

  • Clear cache: If any apps or web pages aren't loading or working properly, try this first.

  • Create & share digital files: Share and store files without printing on campus.

  • Google apps: Share files and information. Collaborate with colleagues in real-time on Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Sites, and more.

  • Microsoft Office 365 (free): Get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

  • Network drives: Use MyFiles to access files that you saved to campus computers on your H: Drive.

  • Remotely access campus applications & computers: Use our special software with your personal computer or device.

  • Save as PDF: Anything that you can print, you can save as a PDF instead. Then, digitally share any documents.

  • Schmidt library: Chat a librarian anytime about research topics, sources, citations, and more. Find library resources, such as eBooks, online journals, streaming media, and more. Browse, or place holds on, our library's physical catalog from anywhere.

  • Software: Find what software is available on campus, how to access it remotely, and ways to keep everything up to date.

  • VidGrid: Record yourself and/or your device screen, then easily share with others.

  • Zoom: Meet, attend classes, record, share screens, and more through video.