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Important notes (these may appear anywhere in your article)

If instructions are included, please have them listed, as clearly & concisely as possible

  • In the form of a Bulleted list
  • With any clickable terms directly from the source in Bold
    • Such as Enter, or Submit, or like the blue PUBLISH button that you see in the upper right of this page
    • Per this example, clarifying points should appear as sub-bullets
  • When instructing to click a series of options in succession, first > second > third > etc
    • To find the MAC Address of an iMac, select System Preferences > Network > WiFi > Advanced > Hardware

Section Title

  • If another section is required, it can include a new title & set of bullets, such as this
    • In this case, consider whether a new sub-page may make more sense

Section with Photos

Though photos often seem useful, we've found that in many instances, they add undue clutter & length, making a process seem more complicated than necessary.

  • Please use them only when absolutely needed
    • You can test this by having some folks try to follow your instructions without a photo
    • If they have trouble, & a simple rephrasing doesn't solve the problem, then perhaps add one

If you need to illustrate an in-depth process, consider making, or requesting a tutorial video from Stephen, to embed in your article.

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