Adding Content

Content can be added, modified and deleted by all users within Site Manager using predefined content templates. These content templates define types of content (e.g. News, File Upload) and ensure that consistency is maintained throughout the site. Styles and Templates are created and modified by Administrators or Power Users. Styles are used to standardize the appearance of content when it appears on a website. You can apply a style to every page on your channel, ensuring you have continuity throughout your work. Styles are assigned to parts of the site structure based on the channel that is being published.

  1. Hover the mouse over the drop-down arrow associated with the section you wish to add content to.
  2. Select Add Content.
  3. Select a template from the drop-down list.
  4. The content screen will open.
    • Populate the Name field with a relevant name for the content. This is generally used as the name for the content only; however, this may vary depending on your set-up.
    • Populate the Title field. This will be the heading of the piece of content. The formatting of this element is generally determined in the back-end of the system and content should be entered in plain text only.
    • Enter your content into the Main Body field.

5. Preview the content to visualize the website. Once done, close the browser to return

to the Site Manager

6. Select Add to save the content. The content has not yet been made live.

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