Billboard Content Type

Billboard content can be used to highlight an important aspect of your program or service. You can provide a bullet point list of text or links and up to three buttons that link to web pages or to documents. It should not be used for lengthy text blocks and must contain an image or a YouTube video.

To Build a Billboard:

  1. In the section, click the Add Content button and select YCP2016: Billboard from the list of content types.
  2. Decide whether to use an image or a YouTube video for the required graphic element on the left.
  3. Enter a Name for the content.
    • If you are using an image, create or obtain a jpeg format image that is 1036 pixels wide by 690 pixels tall and upload the image to your Media Library folder.
    • All images must be set to 72 dpi resolution for the website to display them without lagging .
    • If you are using a YouTube video, please work with the Office of Communications to get your video on the York College YouTube channel. We use our official college channel to track the analytics of visitors to our site. The college has partnered with a service to create closed captioning and video transcripts for all of our videos. When your video is set up on YouTube, Communications will provide you with the embed code and upload the video transcript file to your Media Library folder for you.
    • Whether you use an image or a YouTube video, it always best practice to include a caption to explain your image or video and to relate it to the content on the page.
  4. The Secondary Title field is presented above the Primary Title because if you use both of these elements, this is the order in which they appear on the page. The Secondary Title is not required but can be useful to add clarity or to emphasize the Primary Title . You can enter the title however you like on the form (all lowercase for example), but the system will automatically change it to all caps. It will display in a lighter shade than the Primary Title over the text content.
  5. Enter the Primary Title . This is required . You can enter the title however you like on the form (all lowercase for example), but the system will automatically change it to all caps. It will display in a darker shade than the Secondary Title over the text content.
  6. The Description is your main text content. Aim to keep the overall length of this text plus the bullet points that will follow it in proportion to the height of the image or video on the left.
    • If you are using an image, select the image you uploaded, using the Select link at right.
      • Enter the Image Caption.
    • If you are using a YouTube video, paste the embed code you received from the Office of Communications into the Video field.
      • Enter the Video Caption .
      • Select the Video Transcript from your Media Library folder where Communications stored it.
  7. If you choose to create bullet points, please make sure to create either all text bullet points or all linked bullet points . Don't combine them, since they are formatted differently on our web pages, and differently formatted elements in the same list could confuse a visitor. You are allowed a maximum of five bullet points of either type.
    • The text bullet points item is just a divider to help separate the sections of the SiteManagerform. There is no need to select the radio button at right.
    • For text bullet points, please enter them starting from Bullet 1 Text Only and keep them together (no blank bullet text fields between).
    • For linked bullet points:
      • For either a www.ycp.edu page or an offsite page , first enter the Bullet Link Text which the visitor sees on the page and clicks to navigate to the linked web page. Best practice for link text is to use action words or just to say exactly what it is you’re linking to.
      • To link to a www.ycp.edu page on our website , use the Select link at right to select the page you want to to link to with Bullet www.ycp.edu Link.
      • To link to an offsite page (not on our website) , navigate to that page, copy the web address (URL) from the browser's address bar, and paste it into the corresponding Bullet Offsite Link field.
      • To link to a PDF document , you will not use the Bullet Link Text field. In SiteManager, the system uses the PDF document's Media Name field in the Media Library as the link text. So, to adjust the link text for a PDF document, first go to the document in your Media Library folder and edit the document's Media Name. Once you are satisfied with the Media Name , use the Select link at right to select the PDF document for Bullet PDF Link .
    • The rules for Button links are the same as the rules above for linked bullet points.
      • Buttons will display in colors as follows:
        • First button - orange
        • Second button - blue
        • Third button - green
  8. Click Add & Approve, then Preview to check your page .

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us.