Callout Content

The callout content type is used to call the visitor's attention to something, like a web page or PDF document that could be helpful, by displaying the callout in a special column on the right. For pages to display callouts, the page layout must be set in addition to creating the content.

Note: To add a callout the page must contain a Page Intro content item and possibly other content so that the callout enhancement displays correctly. ThePage Intro content is not covered in this tutorial.

Callouts contain the following elements:

Title - System name, this is the name you see internally and is not displayed on the "www" page

Image -

    • Standard Callout - JPEG image, 460 x 230 pixels
    • Full Width Callout - JPEG image 540 x 270 pixels
    • All images must be set to 72 dpi resolution for the website to display them without lagging.

Text content - Brief explanation of callout

Button - Link to the page or PDF document

  1. Set the page layout of the section. This allows the callout(s) to display on your page.
    • From the section menu, select Modify Section , then select the Page Layouts tab.
    • Our two publishing channels are marked YCP2016 - WWW1and YCP2016 - WWW2 .
    • You will usually see "Inherited" as the default page layout. For pages with callout(s) we need to select the YCP2016: Two Column page layout for each of the publishing channels. The option is located under the "York Website" heading in the drop-down list.
    • Select Update to save the page layout setting.
  2. Build the callout(s).
    • On the section's Content tab, selsect the Add Content button and select either YCP2016: Callout Full Width orYCP2016: Callout Standard .
    • Enter the Name. This is the name you see internally and is not displayed on the "www" page.
    • Enter the Title .
    • Select an image from your Media Library folder. Note: If you resized your image, do not select the variant you made, just selects the Select button, and the system will pick the correct variant for the content type.
    • Enter the Text Content .
    • For a section / page link, enter the Button Link Text, then select the Button www.ycp.edu Link section you want, or enter the Button Offsite Link in the field.
      • For a Button PDF Link, SiteManager uses the Media Name of the PDF document as the link text, so you don't need to fill in the Button Link Text.
    • Select a Background Color .
  3. select Add & Approve, then Preview to check your page.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us.