Create a Link Section

A link section does not contain content, but rather links to other pages, site, or applications. This allows you to link to another website or web application from the navigation or link to a single part of the website from multiple locations.

To use the Create a Link Section:

  1. Go to the Content menu and select Site Structure.
  2. Hover the mouse over the arrow drop-down menu at the level above which you wish to create the link section.
  3. Select Add Section from the menu.
  4. Check the box for Make this a link section? (Figure 1).

5. All tabs except for the General and Detail tab will disappear.

6. On the Details Tab (Figure 2):

  • Specify the link type by selecting Section or External URL.
  • If you selected Section, select the section you wish to link to.
  • If you selected External URL, enter the URL for the link.
  • Specify the target under the Link target field to ensure the link opens the way you want (same window, new window, etc).
Details tab

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