Deleting Content

When you delete a piece of content in Site Manager, you do not remove it from the system immediately. Instead, an Administrator or Power User will approve the deletion before it disappears from view. Once this is done, the content and its history will be gone from the database.

1. From the Site Structure, select Delete Content from the yellow drop-down menu beside the section containing the content you want to delete (Figure 1).

Event drop-down
  1. You are presented with a list of all content contained within the selected section. Select on the Title of the Content you want to delete.
  2. When prompted, select OK to confirm that you want to change the content's status to inactive. If you do not want to change the status, select Cancel.
  3. The content status is updated to Inactive and a copy is moved to the recycle bin. Only an Administrator has access to removing this completely from Recycling.

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