Department Employee Record

The Department Employee Record presents selected information for prospective students and the public to learn more about our faculty and to contact any of our published employees. The record on the website is not the actual employee record stored in the database; the website version is created manually by the department representative. At this time, the department decides which employees and contact information will be published on the website.

In the new website design, images and bio profile photos have been designed with new dimensions. All employee photos need to be square in aspect ratio. If you need to add a Profile Image for the employee, create or obtain a JPEG format image that is 540 pixels wide by 540 pixels tall and upload the image to your Media Library folder as a Media Path Type. All images must be set to 72 dpi resolution for the website to display them without lagging.

To build a Department Employee Record :

  • In the section, click the add content link and select YCP2016: Department Employee Record from the list of content types.
  • Enter the content Name . The content Name is used by the system to sort the employees alphabetically for the directory, so enter the name in the following format:
  • Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial if there is one.
  • Select Yes or No to identify the employee as a faculty membe r.
  • Select the check box to Include the employee in the Faculty Staff Directory .
  • Enter the First Name, Middle Initial (one letter) , and the Last Name . There is at least one exception to this format:
    • For a title such as Chaplain or something else, place the title in the First Name field before the First Name .
    • You might also need to enter multiple-word First or Last Names. Just place them in the corresponding fields and make sure to Preview your work so that the full name is displayed correctly.
  • Generational refers to last name suffixes, such as Jr. or Sr.
  • Credentials refer to final degree and professional designations, such as Ph.D. or L.L.M.
  • Select the Employee Department .
  • Department Position is used for positions such as Chair, Program Coordinator, or Administrative Assistant.
  • Academic Position or Title is used for titles such as Professor or Instructor.
  • The Office Building is the full building name, such as Miller Administration Building.
  • Enter the room number.
  • The Phone Prefix is the first three digits of the phone number.
  • The Office Line Number is the last four digits of the number.
  • Enter the email address.
  • Select the Profile Image . Normally, you simply select the image you have uploaded into the Media Library , if you have created the image with the correct size and aspect ratio first. However, if you created a crop variant of the original in theMedia Library , you must select that variant for the Profile Image, so that the system does not try to resize the original image which has the wrong aspect ratio.
  • If the employee has a YCP personal web page, enter the employee's user name only in the YCP faculty web page field.
  • If the faculty member has an offsite website, enter the full web address in the external faculty web page field.
  • For faculty bio pages:
    • To display the bio information, the Display Bio Pagecheck box must be selected. If no bio information is available for the faculty member, do not select the check box.
    • There are nine categories of listings that can be displayed for a faculty member. Usually not all of these apply to any one person; different options are provided for the different academic areas. There are spaces to enter up to five instances of any of the following:
      • Education
      • Credentials - Other professional designations
      • Courses - Current YCP courses being taught
      • Honors
      • Research
      • Recent Publications
      • Recent Presentations
      • Recent Exhibitions
      • Service performed
      • Experience - Relevant experience that does not fit any of the categories above.
    • Quote .
    • Biography . Space is provided for a brief one or two-paragraph biography for the faculty member.
    • The Faculty Video refers to a YouTube video, if available. If you are using a YouTube video or would like to create one, please work with the Office of Communications to get your video on the York College YouTube channel. We use our official college channel to track the analytic of visitors to our site. The college has partnered with a service to create closed captioning and video transcripts for all of our videos. When your video is set up on YouTube, Communications will provide you with the embed code and upload the video transcript file to your Media Library folder for you.
    • Enter the Faculty Video Caption . This will appear below the YouTube video on the bio page.
  • As of September 2016, we are working with external vendors to produce interactive video transcripts. These will take the place of the plain text video transcripts we had planned on originally. We will update the procedure for transcripts as soon as they are available.
    • If the faculty member has a page in any of the following social media services: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn, fill in the web address in the appropriate field.
    • If the faculty member has a Twitter account, fill in the Twitter username only in the field, and a Twitter feed will display on the bio page.
    • Click Add & Approve, then Preview to check your page.