How to Use the Faculty and Staff Template

All offices and departments have a section called Faculty and Staff. This section contains a subsection called Department Employee Records. Please do not delete or move these sections without talking to the Website administrators. Both sections are needed for this area to function correctly. It is important to note that the Faculty and Staff section will be left blank without content. All content changes must be done by hovering over the Department Employee Records section and selecting Modify Content

Figure 1

Indicates the modify content box

The Department Employee Records list will be alphabetical except for the very top content item which is used as the title of the page. It is important to leave the top item checked (or locked) and leave the employee items unlocked or showing X's in the box (Figure 2). If your would like to have certain employees at the top of the list, use the arrow controls at the right to move them. Once they are in the desired order you will need to check the boxes, on the right, to lock them in position. Finally, select the Save Changes button above the list to save the order.

If this is a new department page, you will have two pieces of content: Last Name A, Faculty and Last Name B, Faculty. Modify these items by adding the information for your first two faculty or staff members. If this is an older page, these will have been replaced with actual faculty names.

Figure 2

"x" buttons

There are two ways to add an additional employee item:

  1. Hover over the Department Employee Records yellow menu button in the site structure and select Add Content.
  2. Hover over the Department Employee Records yellow menu button in the site structure and select Modify Content, then select the green plus sign (Add Content button) on the Modify Content screen.

On the Choose a Content Template screen, select the template YCP: Department Employee Record; select Next

The template will provide you with a form. When filling out the form it is important to be aware of the few options for faculty or staff:

  • Faculty may have both a Department Position and an Academic Position. It is assumed Staff have a Department Position only.
  • A faculty/staff bio page will appear only if at least the “Courses 1” field is filled in. The bio page will include all the filled in items on the page, whereas the standard faculty/staff listing will contain the top items from “Faculty/Staff Name, Degree” down to “Email.”
  • A number of different field categories are offered to allow faculty/staff flexibility in describing their background and experience. These are all optional beyond the required “Courses 1” to display a bio page.

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