Media Library

The Media Library is the area within Site Manager which is used to store media files. Various types of files can be stored within the Media Library such as, Images, Word Documents, Adobe PDF Documents, etc. The Media Library is categorized to allow you to structure your media items. No default categories are defined, and the examples used in this documentation are for illustrative purposes only.

The Interface

  • Resize Categories View (A) - Allows you to expand or minimize the categories view.
  • Options Menu (B) - The options menu provides category options which allow you to add and delete folders.
  • Categories (C) - Displays the hierarchy of available categories.
  • Add Media (D) - Allows you to add new Media to the Media Library.
  • Search (E) - Allows you to search for items in the Media Library.You can search by name or description.
  • Jump (F) - Allows you to search for media items by ID.
    • To find the ID of Media item, modify the item and the ID will display in the URL.
  • Filter (G) - Allows you to filter which file types are displayed.
  • Views (H) - Allow you to select how the Media items are displayed.
  • Media Items (I) - This areas displays the contents of the chosen category.

All images must be set to 72 dpi resolution for the website to display them without lagging.

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